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Design and manufacture of superhard material products

Your Company Name
Glynn Technical Diamonds Ltd

Your Company Core Activity
Design and manufacture of superhard material products

Standards you were implementing
ISO 9001:2015

Did you have a specific timeframe?
12 months

Was this timeframe met?
Initial consultation with I-Net Consultancy Services, Stage 1 Audit and final Stage 2 Audit were completed within 12 months.

Can you describe the main reason behind seeking consultancy services?
We sought consultancy services from I-Net Consultancy Services to ensure that our quality management system met international standards and to improve overall operational efficiency.

Can you give a brief description on the project and the steps taken by I-Net to deliver service to you?
The project involved a thorough assessment of our existing QMS, processes, documentation, and quality control measures. I-Net Consultancy Services provided expert guidance in aligning our practices with ISO 9001 requirements. They conducted training sessions with staff, carried out thorough internal audit and assisted in documenting procedures and policies.

How did you find the approach to dealing with your business needs?
I-Net Consultancy Services took a highly professional and tailored approach to address our unique business needs. Catherine was knowledgeable, approachable, and responsive throughout the project.

What were the benefits of using I-Net Consultancy Services for your business?
Utilising I-Net Consultancy Services resulted in the successful implementation of ISO 9001, improved process efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a more robust quality management system. It has positioned Glynn Technical Diamonds Ltd for growth and improved competitiveness.

When did you get certified?
NSAI granted our Certificate of Registration to I.S. EN 9001:2015 on 26th September 2023.

Have you or will you utilise the services of I-Net Consultancy Service since you became certified?
Yes, we will continue to engage I-Net Consultancy Services for ongoing support, audits, and training to maintain and continually improve our quality management system.

Would you recommend using I-Net to any of your friends, colleagues, clients or suppliers?
Absolutely, we would highly recommend I-Net Consultancy Services to anyone seeking expert guidance in implementing and maintaining ISO standards or improving their business processes. Catherine’s commitment to excellence and expertise in the field are commendable.

Anything further you would like to add?
We would like to express our gratitude to I-Net Consultancy Services for their invaluable support in our ISO 9001 journey.

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