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Mechanical & Electrical Contractor

Standard: ISO 9001:2015

Service: Transition from ISO 9001:2008 (Transition achieved October 2017)

What is your core activity?
Mechanical & Electrical Contractor

Was your expected timeframe met?
Yes, the process was completed in 4 weeks

Can you describe the main reason behind seeking consultancy services?
We required professional assistance to undertake a review of our existing standard and produce an action list to implement the required changes in preparation for external auditing.

How did you find the approach to dealing with your business needs?
We were more than happy that our needs were understood and assistance where required saved us substantial time in completing the process.

Brief description on the project and the steps taken by I-Net to deliver service to you
We would consider ourselves to have a hands on approach and we wanted to be involved in the changes and have the benefit of a specialist to assist on the structure and presentation of new documents while ensuring we satisfied all clauses of the standard.

What were the benefits of using I-Net Consultancy Services for your business?
In I-Net Consultancy Services we had a partner who not only understood the ISO 9001:2015 standard but understood our business and how the two needs would work best together.

When did you get certified/transitioned?
Our transition audit took place on 25 th & 26 th of October 2017 with no nonconformity detected.

Would you recommend using I-Net to any of your friends, colleagues, clients or suppliers?
Yes, without hesitation

Anything further you would like to add?
The consultancy fee was fair and reflective of the works undertaken

Case Study submitted by Joe Delaney, Managing Director – Tritech Engineering

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