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Mechanical, Electrical and Maintenance Services

Standards:  ISO 45001 & 9001

Timeframe: 1 Year

Your Company Name: Ferm Engineering Ltd

Your Company Core Activity
Mechanical, Electrical and Maintenance Services

Was this timeframe met?
Yes, standards achieved at end of 2020

Can you describe the main reason behind seeking consultancy services
Consultancy services were sought as we are a small business and the number of people we could dedicate to the project were limited. Due to the tight timeframe our team lacked the specific knowledge required to implement and drive the project demands required.

Can you give a brief description on the project and the steps taken by I-Net to deliver service to you
Ferm Eng were required to implement and achieve certification to ISO 45001 & 9001 within 12month window. I-Net were contacted to assist with the project. I-Net were very engaging and helpful. I-Net initially wanted a background into the company to ensure that the type of service provided was tailored to our company. We were conscious as a company that by using a consultancy company they would just give us a standard package that did not fit or suit us. I-Net were very practical and put any concerns we may had to rest. I-Net looked at the company as a whole and told us that we were already practicing the core values of the standards.

An action plan was implanted of all the core requirements, as the project progressed it allowed us to have a visual representation of the degree of work we were achieving. Throughout the whole process I-Net always ensured the companies ethos was reflected

How did you find the approach to dealing with your business needs
We found that I-Net was very understanding of our business needs and always ensured that we were at the core of the project. I-Net were extremely flexible and made themselves available to us throughout the entire process. This ensured and reaffirmed our overall confidence and familiarity with I-Net.

What were the benefits of using I-Net Consultancy Services for your business?
I-Net allowed us to achieve certification to ISO 9001 & 45001.

When did you get certified/transitioned?
December 2020

Would you recommend using I-Net to any of your friends, colleagues, clients or suppliers?
Yes 100%

Anything further you would like to add?

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