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Gas Detection Supply and Services

Your Company Name
OBW Technologies Ltd

Your Company Core Activity
Gas Detection Supply and Service

Standards you were planning to achieve
Planning to achieve ISO 9001,14001 AND 45001

Did you have a specific timeframe?
3- 4 months to achieve each

Was this timeframe met?
Yes it was met

Can you describe the main reason behind seeking consultancy services
We are a small company so we didn’t have the resources or the know how to prepare for the standards.

Can you give a brief description on the project and the steps taken by I-Net to deliver service to you – (please describe if you have used I-Net Consultancy previously aswell, and for what services)
We first worked with Catherine for ISO 9001, in 2020 we reach out for her help on achieving ISO 14001.

For ISO 14001 she arranged a call to discuss the standard and what it would involve. She created an action plan and assigned tasks to each employee in OBW. She checked in weekly and was available for any calls in the meantime. She provided examples for us to follow to implement the ISO 14001 into our company.

How did you find the approach to dealing with your business needs
The approach worked very well for us as it helped us achieve the ISO in the timeframe we had laid out.

What were the benefits of using I-Net Consultancy Services for your business?
Working with I-net made the process a lot simpler and it makes it a lot easier to manage the changes in the company

When did you get certified/transitioned?
Certified in ISO 9001 in 2015, ISO 14001 in 2020

Would you recommend using I-Net to any of your friends, colleagues, clients or suppliers?
Yes we are working with I-net again this year to achieve ISO 45001, anytime we are asked how we achieved the standards we mention I-Net

Anything further you would like to add?
We are very happy with the service I-Net provide.

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